Guilt Tripping...

Posted by VickyToria on 22:47
I'm in the process of setting up a new blog and feeling guilty about neglecting this one each time I hit the dashboard and I see it's just sitting here postless since May 2012... disgraceful, I know!

Just to assure you (& myself) I've not been at a complete creative standstill for 8+ months, here are a few snippets of some of my more recent creative endeavours...

Spoonflower designs:

Christmas bauble making:

Winter Scarf designed/made/lived in

Well thats eased some of the guilt so I can get back on with my latest project now & will hopefully be ready to launch it properly next week. I think I'll have to add Screen Print Central to my to do list after that, I'm feeling the need to freshen it up a little.

Vic x


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