craft Fair latest...

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All has been super busy at Screen Print Central not least because Miss Mash & myself have decided to get in on the local craft fair action & I'm happy to say 4.5 fairs in we seem to be doing better every week :-)

Here's a sneak peak of what we've been selling...

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Designer Of Surfaces: My latest contribution....

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Designer Of Surfaces : Paper Bows: So I made an origami paper bow this week to accessorize a gift and thought I'd share the tutorial with you. The instructions are in ...


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Original artwork...

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Here's the sketch the design below was developed from
                      © A.Graham 2013
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Back in action...

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I spent a lovely Sunday at Screen Print Central printing T-shirts with my dad last week... As a fan of Boardwalk Empire and being fantastic artist (in my opinion, not necessarily his) he decided to try his hand at screen printing and produced the following...

I'm super impressed, first time printing and not a smudge in sight. The skill obviously just comes naturally to him!

Vic X


Guilt Tripping...

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I'm in the process of setting up a new blog and feeling guilty about neglecting this one each time I hit the dashboard and I see it's just sitting here postless since May 2012... disgraceful, I know!

Just to assure you (& myself) I've not been at a complete creative standstill for 8+ months, here are a few snippets of some of my more recent creative endeavours...

Spoonflower designs:

Christmas bauble making:

Winter Scarf designed/made/lived in

Well thats eased some of the guilt so I can get back on with my latest project now & will hopefully be ready to launch it properly next week. I think I'll have to add Screen Print Central to my to do list after that, I'm feeling the need to freshen it up a little.

Vic x