Latest Design Briefs: FRS

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So the latest design briefs are up at Front Row Society and I think ALL Surface Designers/Creatives/anyone thats the least bit inspired should enter... It would be silly not to!!!

First up is:
Your Secret Treasure
Your Secret Treasure design brief
1 - 16th June, 2012

And then:
Your Guilty Pleasure
Your Guilty Pleasure  design brief
1 - 16th July, 2012

Go on then, what you waiting for....

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More tote bags...

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I've just discovered the promo shots for Folio check them out on the CCAD website

Looking good even if I do say so myself!



Window Wonder WINNER!!!

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Wowsers! Was completely stunned to get this... extremely happy too!

Clicky here to see the other winners!

Thanks to Front Row Society and you for taking the time to vote!

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FRS: Utopia Submission

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Tones: This is my latest scarf design...


Only 4 days left to vote



Patterns book:

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Patterns: New Surface Design

Back in 2007 I had 3 of my designs published in this lovely book, something I had mostly forgot about until a recent visit to my local book shop and discovered the book had been re-released this year.

It's a little smaller a different colour but still full of the lovely patterns it contained originally, it made me smile.
The pink pattern is mine and it features on the zoom and other views option on amazon... it's only a little thing but it makes me feel proud :-D



Print Club: Yellow Shoe Bag

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Amazon Trade in love!

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So I may be a little slow at the discovery of this but better late than never I say!

Fancy being able to trade books in return for a gift card!!! I'd definitely recomend it if you have art/design books you don't happen to love as much as you used to... these are much more profitable than paperback novels.

Best idea I've come across recently!

I traded in a few pre-loved books and replaced them with these little beauties!

Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids

Print Workshop

Vic X


Monday Night Print Club!

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As you may or may not know I run a Textiles Print Club on a Monday night at CCAD it's been going since September (throughout term time only) and it's a bit of a slow burner... I set it up with the intention of past students and local designer makers and artists having somewhere to access fabulous screen printing facilities at a low cost... As all of you printers will know set up costs are not cheap!

Anyway like I said it's a bit of a slow burner at the moment with only a handful of super talented creatives accessing it. To anyone who's been it's something they'd like to keep a secret as less people means more space to print space which is what I took advantage of this week in order to print some shopper bags to sell in the college shop Folio- A lovely shop choc full of beautiful designer maker goodies from the students, staff and print clubbers of CCAD

First Colour... Pink

Second Color... more pink

Third colour... Pinky Red

I also indulged in a slightly less pink number of blues & red... pics to follow at some point



FRS: Window Wonder Submission

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The View From A Room:..
please rate me via the link



Front Row Society

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So a week or so ago I was searching for Claire A. Bakers website without using her name?! as she asked followers of her blog to do and feed back to her with their results. In the process of this I got sidetracked by some facebook fanpage to do with surface design and came across a link to the Front Row Society... Its a fantastic site that sells digitally printed scarves and bags in limited edition runs. The surface pattern designs on these products can be designed by anyone who wants to submit a design! The site runs regular contests for either bags or scarves, each contest has a brief/moodboard and a colour palette for inspiration.

Perfect for someone like me who craves a bit of direction and to get back into the swing of designing fabrics!

When you have submitted a design and the submission period is over there is a 2 week voting period where anyone and everyone can rate the designs that have been entered from 1 to 5. The result of the vote means the top 10 designs with the overall highest rating will be taken through to production! If your design is selected you then have the choice of a one off payment for your design OR 10% of the sales revenue made from the product featuring your design.

As far as I'm concerned it's a win win contest because if nothing else it gives me a physical deadline to work towards (not something I've really had to do since finishing my degree) and it's certainly got the creative juices flowing to the digital section of my brain again!

So now that I'm finished wittering feel free to pop over to FRS and rate all of the lovely entries!