Print Central Arrives...

Posted by VickyToria on 17:35
I had planned to start this blog in July but as that fell by the wayside I've decided to launch it now and include an overview of what I would have posted :-)  

So... my summer break came around as fast as usual and in a bid not to waste it I amied to design and possibly print my first collection of fat quarters.  As luck would have it just as my enthusiasm was beginning to deplete I got the chance of a stall at Designers Marketplaces GIANT Summer Market in Middelsbrough.
Ever the one for working best under pressure I gave myself a week to create said collection. 

Cue checking in at Print Central and working morning, noon and night until completion

The view from Print Central:
Freshly dyed & ready to go;

 Work in progress:
Fabric stack:
 The finishing touches:
 The collection so far:
 Designers Marketplace!

The plan now is to develop some more complex prints to compliment the collection so far.


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