Exit Through The Gift Shop... To the Baltic

Posted by VickyToria on 20:50
I watched this on T.V  last night and found it fully entertaining. I was surprised at how many conversations with different people ensued from it airing.

Fast forwad to this morning and I get a text from my cousin.... do we go to BALTIC
or Lickety Split and as much as I wanted to go for an Ice Cream Sundae I decided no, we'll take in a bit of culture and The Baltic.... and how glad am I that we did! Not only did I get to check out the work of  MAURIZIO ANZERI  which I actually quite liked but we decided to take the stairs to get to that gallery and happened to see a Space Invader on the stairs... not something I would have found relevent had I not seen 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' last night.
Check it out!


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