All about the auctions... and Stipes it would turn out

Posted by VickyToria on 18:05
An impromptu visit to Boldon Auctions for a browse at any little treasures they might have ended up awakening me to the knowledge that I actually desperately needed a new corner Dressing Table that they just happened to be auctioning.... Luckily I won the bid or should I say my friend Helen won it for me as I'm not registered or 'up' on the rules of bidding etc. unless its on Ebay (it turns out neither was a woman called Laurie but that's a different story)!

So here it is or was.. The Dresser
After a swift trip to B&Q armed with a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve and a fabric swatch to match up colours I was on a mission to vamp up the dresser all in the space of a weekend!

The newly 'vamped' Dresser

I must say I absolutely love how it turned out. Unfortunately the curatains and cushions I fully planned on making that week are still sitting waiting... oh well.


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